Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is anyone out there????

I promise we are still alive! We have gratefully encountered a fun-filled, busy summer. Here is a little taste of my sweet boy and I promise to be back soon with details from the summer.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy DaDaDaDa Day

I am so sad that I have to work today and can't spend your first Father's Day with you! I hope you and Finn have a wonderful day together! It has been the greatest joy and blessing watching you be a Dad. You have truly been one amazing dad! I am so glad Finn got the hang of saying DaDaDaDa just in time for Father's Day :) Finn is one lucky dude to have such a wonderful dad like you!

So as you have figured out, I have you on a little Father's Day Scavenger hunt. Here is Clue #2...

( Future Disc Golfer)

( My daddy plays disc golf better than your daddy)

Love you,
Cog and Finn

Friday, June 18, 2010

Do you celebrate.....

Your 1/2 Birthday???

Ok, so maybe I don't celebrate, but I definitly acknowledge on October 22nd that my b-day is 6 months away. I will mention it to Tradd and the conversation will go something like this..

"Tradd, guess what? Today is my 1/2 birthday."
"Oh, so?"

Point being, I know it is not a big deal, but it is not just an average day that goes by on my calender without an extra little thought and smile.

So, today is Finn's 1/2 birthday. I am still amazed that he is 6 months already. But I am celebrating with him today. PLUS since his real birthday is a week before Christmas, I think some years we will actually end up having a pool party on his 1/2 birthday with all his friends since the convience of his b-day is not the best.

Happy 6 months Finn!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Month of First's

1. Tried rice cereal for the first time...

2. Went swimming in the baby pool for the 1st time...

3. Went on our first road trip (13 hours to Ohio and 13 hours back, Finn was quite the trooper!)...

4. Met some of Mama's family and friends for the 1st time...

6. Chilling in his very own pair of boxers for the 1st time...

6. And this morning for the first time, surprised mama and woke up being rolled over on his belly!

Oh, how a child is constantly evolving...and oh, how we are loving every minute of it!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fabulous 4th!

As most of you know, the first few months with Finn had been quite difficult. He was extremely fussy, needed constant motion, and hardly slept!! But praise God, we have turned a corner!!! We have had a fabulous 4th month and it has been so wonderful to have a baby so content and happy with life. He is now napping great and just continues to melt my heart with his smiles and joy that he now has. Thanks to all those peeps who have been praying for us during this difficult time! We are still working on sleeping through the night, so hopefully that will come soon! :) Here are some pics from the fun events over the past month.

(Finn wearing Tradd's outfit from when he was a baby
on Easter Sunday)

(Finn celebrating mama's b-day)

(Finn was baptized this past Sunday with cousin Joseph)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Beach day

Today was the day that Finn experienced the feeling of sand between his toes for the very first time! Yes, it was his first time at the beach. As most of you know, Tradd and I spend most of our summer weekends hanging out at the beach, so we were thrilled when we heard it was going to be 80 degrees today! Tradd took the day off and we couldn't wait to see if our little one would be a beach lover as well.

So off to Walmart we went and we joined the family canopy club! I can't believe we now own one of these. So all you beach bums that chill with us on the weekend, see what you get to look forward to sit next to :)

We were pleasantly surprised at how well Finn behaved! He loved it so much! We are so relieved to know that our boy will hopefully love the beach as much as we do! In fact, he wanted to share some coo's of excitement and smiles with everyone....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Pooka

It's amazing what kind of things you say and that come out of your mouth when you are talking to a baby all day. Tradd has to sometimes remind me at night to switch from the baby talk to normal adult conversation! Here are the nicknames that somehow have just rolled off my tongue...
Pooka Bear, pooks, Boo Boo, Turkey, Love Bug, poopsies, oh the list goes on..

One of my favorite things is to give my little pooka bear a bath! Mainly because he loves it so much and I love how he smells afterwards. I do have a keen sense of smell. My nose is super sensitive so I am a huge fan of things that smell good. Finn has an array of bathtime lotions but my ultimate favorite is Noodle and Boo!! I can't get enough of it!

(Finn has officially outgrown the infant bath hammock, as you can tell his feet are hanging over!)

Some other pics from the month...
( monkeying around with cousin Joseph)
Notice Finn's right hand on Joseph's shoulder and Joseph's
left hand on Finn's knees. They love each other sooooo much!

(Finn's first time in the Bumbo!)

(BF Andrea down from Charlotte to meet Finn for the first time)