Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy DaDaDaDa Day

I am so sad that I have to work today and can't spend your first Father's Day with you! I hope you and Finn have a wonderful day together! It has been the greatest joy and blessing watching you be a Dad. You have truly been one amazing dad! I am so glad Finn got the hang of saying DaDaDaDa just in time for Father's Day :) Finn is one lucky dude to have such a wonderful dad like you!

So as you have figured out, I have you on a little Father's Day Scavenger hunt. Here is Clue #2...

( Future Disc Golfer)

( My daddy plays disc golf better than your daddy)

Love you,
Cog and Finn

Friday, June 18, 2010

Do you celebrate.....

Your 1/2 Birthday???

Ok, so maybe I don't celebrate, but I definitly acknowledge on October 22nd that my b-day is 6 months away. I will mention it to Tradd and the conversation will go something like this..

"Tradd, guess what? Today is my 1/2 birthday."
"Oh, so?"

Point being, I know it is not a big deal, but it is not just an average day that goes by on my calender without an extra little thought and smile.

So, today is Finn's 1/2 birthday. I am still amazed that he is 6 months already. But I am celebrating with him today. PLUS since his real birthday is a week before Christmas, I think some years we will actually end up having a pool party on his 1/2 birthday with all his friends since the convience of his b-day is not the best.

Happy 6 months Finn!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Month of First's

1. Tried rice cereal for the first time...

2. Went swimming in the baby pool for the 1st time...

3. Went on our first road trip (13 hours to Ohio and 13 hours back, Finn was quite the trooper!)...

4. Met some of Mama's family and friends for the 1st time...

6. Chilling in his very own pair of boxers for the 1st time...

6. And this morning for the first time, surprised mama and woke up being rolled over on his belly!

Oh, how a child is constantly evolving...and oh, how we are loving every minute of it!