Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fabulous 4th!

As most of you know, the first few months with Finn had been quite difficult. He was extremely fussy, needed constant motion, and hardly slept!! But praise God, we have turned a corner!!! We have had a fabulous 4th month and it has been so wonderful to have a baby so content and happy with life. He is now napping great and just continues to melt my heart with his smiles and joy that he now has. Thanks to all those peeps who have been praying for us during this difficult time! We are still working on sleeping through the night, so hopefully that will come soon! :) Here are some pics from the fun events over the past month.

(Finn wearing Tradd's outfit from when he was a baby
on Easter Sunday)

(Finn celebrating mama's b-day)

(Finn was baptized this past Sunday with cousin Joseph)