Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Pooka

It's amazing what kind of things you say and that come out of your mouth when you are talking to a baby all day. Tradd has to sometimes remind me at night to switch from the baby talk to normal adult conversation! Here are the nicknames that somehow have just rolled off my tongue...
Pooka Bear, pooks, Boo Boo, Turkey, Love Bug, poopsies, oh the list goes on..

One of my favorite things is to give my little pooka bear a bath! Mainly because he loves it so much and I love how he smells afterwards. I do have a keen sense of smell. My nose is super sensitive so I am a huge fan of things that smell good. Finn has an array of bathtime lotions but my ultimate favorite is Noodle and Boo!! I can't get enough of it!

(Finn has officially outgrown the infant bath hammock, as you can tell his feet are hanging over!)

Some other pics from the month...
( monkeying around with cousin Joseph)
Notice Finn's right hand on Joseph's shoulder and Joseph's
left hand on Finn's knees. They love each other sooooo much!

(Finn's first time in the Bumbo!)

(BF Andrea down from Charlotte to meet Finn for the first time)


  1. Awwww, how sweet is he? I love your list of nicknames... I think that's something all mothers do.

    Right now, my daughter calls herself "you"... because we are always asking her things like, "What do you want to do/eat/go/wear?"


  2. Cog! Finn is getting too big, too fast. I must see him soon. Its killing me. He is not looking like a newborn anymore at all. I can't believe how close in size he is to his cousin. I miss you so much, love you guys tons. LOVE the pictures, keep posting!!
    I'm on my dad's computer:)

  3. I love the nicknames. It really is amazing all the crazy names that come out of your mouth when your a mom ...Pooka and Punky - it sounds good doesn't it! Hope to see y'all soon! Love you!