Friday, June 18, 2010

Do you celebrate.....

Your 1/2 Birthday???

Ok, so maybe I don't celebrate, but I definitly acknowledge on October 22nd that my b-day is 6 months away. I will mention it to Tradd and the conversation will go something like this..

"Tradd, guess what? Today is my 1/2 birthday."
"Oh, so?"

Point being, I know it is not a big deal, but it is not just an average day that goes by on my calender without an extra little thought and smile.

So, today is Finn's 1/2 birthday. I am still amazed that he is 6 months already. But I am celebrating with him today. PLUS since his real birthday is a week before Christmas, I think some years we will actually end up having a pool party on his 1/2 birthday with all his friends since the convience of his b-day is not the best.

Happy 6 months Finn!


  1. I always acknowledge my half birthday too (Oct. 24 for me)! And of course you have to celebrate Finn's (this year and always). Time flies with the little guys, huh? He is so handsome. Enjoy every moment.

  2. Colleen - he is ADORABLE!! I love your pictures!! Can't wait to see you soon when everyone is healthy!! LOVE YOU! :)

  3. AHHHH he is so big Colleen. i cannot believe he is 6 months already! He is adorable :)

  4. Happy half birthday to your little boy! And I STILL celebrate my half birthday (I call it my un-birthday)...


  5. i definitely celebrate my 1/2 birthday! Why not you know? Your son is cute. Hope you guys are well!