Friday, April 2, 2010

Beach day

Today was the day that Finn experienced the feeling of sand between his toes for the very first time! Yes, it was his first time at the beach. As most of you know, Tradd and I spend most of our summer weekends hanging out at the beach, so we were thrilled when we heard it was going to be 80 degrees today! Tradd took the day off and we couldn't wait to see if our little one would be a beach lover as well.

So off to Walmart we went and we joined the family canopy club! I can't believe we now own one of these. So all you beach bums that chill with us on the weekend, see what you get to look forward to sit next to :)

We were pleasantly surprised at how well Finn behaved! He loved it so much! We are so relieved to know that our boy will hopefully love the beach as much as we do! In fact, he wanted to share some coo's of excitement and smiles with everyone....