Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy DaDaDaDa Day

I am so sad that I have to work today and can't spend your first Father's Day with you! I hope you and Finn have a wonderful day together! It has been the greatest joy and blessing watching you be a Dad. You have truly been one amazing dad! I am so glad Finn got the hang of saying DaDaDaDa just in time for Father's Day :) Finn is one lucky dude to have such a wonderful dad like you!

So as you have figured out, I have you on a little Father's Day Scavenger hunt. Here is Clue #2...

( Future Disc Golfer)

( My daddy plays disc golf better than your daddy)

Love you,
Cog and Finn


  1. Happy Father's Day, Tradd! Colleen, where did you get the onesies??? We LOVE them!! Alekzander also uses a mini as a teething toy. Yum! :)

  2. but you were hanging out with me on Daddy's day!!! haha im not as special as the baby

    !love and miss you
    ~sarah hancock~

  3. Love I got to see lil man in the disc golf attire we put together for him!!!! Happy Birthday lil man!!!

    Jack Davis