Monday, January 18, 2010

Bliss or Bust Adventures

So in the past 2 weeks we have decided to take a few adventures:

Two Saturdays ago Tradd and I decided it was finally time to take a break and go on a little afternoon date to go see Avatar. Little did we realize the major production it would create to just get out of the house let alone the complications that followed. The movie was at 2:45 so we had to start the preperations around 11! Yes 11. Gone are the days where you jump in the shower 45 minutes before you have to be some where. Tradd and I were trying to get showers amongst a crying baby, eat lunch, pack the diaper bag, pack the pump and supplies, prepare the bottle for grandparents, and the list goes on and on. Those who are mothers know that you are on the clock the second you are done feeding your child. So my parents generously came over to pick up Finn right after his feeding so we wouldn't have to waste time dropping him off. Once he was loaded in their car... we were OFF!! Off to West Ashley so we could see this 3D movie on the IMAX screen. We rolled into the parking lot and came to find out it was sold out!! WHAT!! There is no way...all of that for nothing. Now what, we need to take advantage of this time. So we drove back to Mt. P and decided to settle with just seeing it on the Palmetto Grande 3D screen. Bought tickets for the 3:50 showing, went in the theatre and come to find out.. NO SEATS!! Are you freaking kidding me! Third time's the charm...exchanged tickets for the 7:30pm showing and got to enjoy the fabulous movie. All of this with pumping in the car 3 times, trip to grandmas to drop off more milk and complete exhaustion! Didn't get home till 11pm. A 12 hour day just to see Avatar. At least it was worth it, I think :)

Check out our new 3D specks!!!

This past Saturday we woke up to realize we were out of coffee. Bummer! We are pretty much dependent on our cup of coffee to get through the day so we decided to take a walk with Finn to Starbucks which is across from our neighborhood in the Belle Hall shopping center. Had a great cool brisk walk there, got our coffee, and then Tradd looked at his phone to see that a down pour of rain was approaching us. We couldn't of have moved fast enough as the rain started. Trying to cover up Finn, walk/run with coffee in our hands and try to laugh at the same time was truly a sight!

Finn & me, home from Starbucks

The Crib...
Ahh yes, the dreadful crib! Did we wait too long to put him in it(some would say yes)? Are we putting him in it too early(some would say yes, as well). With all the different advice and opinions, we tried today to take a baby step of placing Finn in his crib to nap. We thought we would start with the naps before doing it for actual bedtime so he can get used to it. Let him cry for 15 minutes the book says and then go in and console. Oh how awful it is to hear the cry of your little one. Tradd could listen to it for hours, on the other hand only seconds for me before I want to pick him up. This adventure is not over but just beginning!!

Finn's digs

Pics from the month...

Sweet Daddy time :)

Where's Waldo??
Where's Finn??


  1. I love these pictures!!! They make me so happy. I desperately want to meet that little boy! I think any new mom can relate to your recent adventures...everything in life seems to be a little more complicated when you have a little one around. I'm proud of y'all for doing all the work it took to go to a movie! Sadly, G and I have yet to go to a movie since Emerson was born...8 months ago. We are lame I know. Love you guys so much!

  2. I love those pictures of little Finn!

  3. oh my, sounds like quite the adventure. im glad you guys were able to get out and have some "mom and dad time." by the way, i love finn's bedding, it is adorable!
    -kim tausch

  4. oh cog he is absolutely beautiful. I can't even wait to see that little man. so darn cute. your post about the movie out made me smile unbelievable amounts. love that you and tradd got some time. thank God for grandparents! the nursery looks amazing, you did an awesome job of bringing everything together. can't wait to see that too. and I love seeing pics of you. can't wait to see you too! finn looks super adorable in giraffes and monkeys;) love and miss you. only a couple more weeks!!!