Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sooner than Later

It has been an interesting week in the Rodenberg household. I finished classes for school on Monday knowing I had 3 weeks to prepare before this little boy was coming! That was, until Monday night (1:30a.m., actually) when my heart decided to start racing at almost 200 bpm. We were ready to go to the ER, when it decided to calm back down. It has been a long week of Dr.'s appointments (everyday except Wed.) and my doctor decided it was best to induce me on the 18th instead of waiting for his arrival naturally (due date Dec. 25th). So then the fun began...

My nesting, motherly instincts kicked in to SUPER high gear with a million things that I realized that needed to be done before Finn's arrival but trying to obey the Dr. with modified bed rest. So the "To Do list" began...

We were very hesitant about decorating for Christmas as we thought we would be in the hospital over Christmas and didn't want to deal with the hassle but now that we know we will be home for Christmas, I decided it was of the most importance to have our house decorated and ready for Finn. Not only Christmas decorations up but the garage cleaned, closets organized, cupboards stocked, Christmas presents bought, car detailed, phone calls and e-mails returned, finish baby room etc, etc. You would think the world was coming to an end! Tradd was like, "Its not like Finn is going to know if the garage is cleaned or not," and my friend Lindsey said it perfectly... "For some reason you think you won't be leaving your house for months and you need to stock up on a 6 month supply of everything." So we are trying our best to prioritize.

(We found the perfect Christmas tree after driving to multiple places)

Thank you mom for the long days of running me around to do errands, cleaning our closets, washing load after load of laundry, organizing my life, and dealing with my hormones and tiredness! Thank you Robin for running errands for me and making sure we have the perfect labor nurse and best hospital experience! AND...Thank you Tradd for being so loving, supportive and PATIENT in helping me check things off the list! For all the hard work I ask you to do and most of all for being sooooooo stinkin' excited about being a dad :)

Tradd and I truly appreciate everyone's prayers and support!


  1. This made me smile! Y'all are in for the best gift ever!!! We cannot wait to meet Finn!

  2. We are praying for you guys. Gosh I am so excited for y'all!!!! We love you so much. Tell Dr. Williamson we say hey!!! Can't wait for the updates.

  3. I cannot stinking wait to meet Finn. I think it is a good decision! We are so excited to meet Finn!

  4. Hahaha. Wow - Tradd is a CHAMP! Is he wearing a headlamp in those pics? Can't wait to meet Finn!