Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Rodenberg has a name...

Ernest Adolph Rodenberg, V

After many hours, days, weeks and months we have finally decided on what baby Cinco will be called. It was very hard to decide what to call him since we wanted to continue the Rodenberg tradition of "E.A.R." but wanted a name for short. Since the 1st EA Rodenberg came from Germany, we decided to call baby Rode "Finn" because finnif means five in Old German (the Yiddish translation). Below is the picture of the first 4 generations of E.A.R.'s:
Ernest Adolph Rodenberg, called Adolph
Ernest Adolph Rodenberg Jr, called Dolph
Ernest Adolph Rodenberg III, called Dolph
Ernest Adolph Rodenberg IV, called Tradd

And in 9 weeks...
Ernest Adolph Rodenberg V, called Finn
(fyi, pic is at 24 weeks)


  1. Yay! I love baby Finn...him and his name. And I love the pictures of the preceeding EARs. Can't wait to meet him!

  2. I love it, I love it, I love it! Finn seems like a perfect southern boy's name. I could see Tradd as a Finn so if that babes is anything like his dada he will be a great Finn! Although he will always be baby Rodey to me!! love you and miss you lots.

  3. Your blog looks great! Nice background ;) Yay for baby Finn!

  4. Name sounds Finntastic! Alekzander can't wait to meet Finn!!!!

  5. I love the name Finn- so cute!! And he is absolutely adorable- what a great pic! Hope you are feeling well and getting excited! Look forward to following you on your blog! My blog:

    See you soon, Tanya

  6. so basically noah and finn are destined to be the very best of friends! very very excited! we can't wait to meet him! hugs and kisses from noah and i!

  7. YAY FINN!! He is going to be my first real friend that is a little boy.... i can't wait! he is going to be a treasure gem. can you say that about boys??

  8. so excited for you guys!! yay for Finn!